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AWM Rules and Announcements
No, really, this is a must read and follow.
AWM Releases & Archive
The place to go every Thursday for the newest releases!
AWM Recruitment
New and Potential Translators, Cleaners, Proofreaders and Typesetters look here for the latest recruitment drives.
AWM Suggestion Box
The infamous Suggestion Box. Only Series who have not had releases from 04/30/2008 or older and which are unlicensed will be considered!
AWM Project Discussion
Love one of our series, want to gossip about the latest chapters? Here's where to do it if you want to SPOIL and be SPOILED!
QCing Express
The last stop before being released, the QCing Express.
No Fan's Land
The place where locked threads go.
AWM's Active Projects
AWM's Finished Projects!
AWM's Joints with Other Awesome Groups!
AWM's Project Graveyard
General Area
New to the site, just want to say hi? This is the place for first greetings.
Manga Discussion
For non-spoilery discussion of AWM manga projects or to discuss projects done by other groups.
Anime Discussion
Talk about your favorite anime here. Please keep it civil and remember to warn for spoilers and keep them out of your headers!
Dorama Discussion
Come here to discuss your favorite or current Dorama!
Video Game Discussion
Discuss your favorite video games. Please don't put spoilers in the headers of your topics and make sure you place appropriate warnings!
Fanfiction and Fanart
Want to share some fanfic or fanart you've created based off one of the series we're scanlating? Do it here. Please note, plagiarism is not allowed. If you didn't write it or draw it don't claim it as yours.
Location for all of AWM's tutorials for those who are interested in learning how to Clean, Typeset and more!
Muse Zone
This is for general discussions and being silly in general. If you wanted to start a forum game this would be the place to go. Please keep it civil!
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