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Project Discussion Rules

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Here are some rules for this section:

1. The only threads allowed here will be those discussing the projects AWM released so far;
1.a. Said threads have to be of the latest chapter released of said series;
1.b. If they contain spoilers of the contents of the chapter, they should be under a spoiler cut:

[ spoiler ] Phrase [ / spoiler ] -> Remove spaces to make it work

as to avoid ruining the story to the ones who haven't read it yet.

2. Refrain from discussing other things except for what happens in the chapter. Previous releases may be mentioned, but the thread should only be focused on the latest events of the series;
2.a. Try to not spoiler everyone about what's to come on the story, we don't want to ruin the plot to anyone, right?.

3. Most important of all, SPAM is forbidden, as you all should know;
3.a. In this rule falls: asking when a project is going to be released, thanking us for releasing something (you can go and thank in the releases area), bickering because we didn't release something in a while, and anything else that's not project discussion oriented;
3.b. Because I want to ensure a good discussion, try to post things with some sense, not only fangirl comments about how hot the lead guy was or things like that.

4. The threads will be closed once a new chapter is out. This is to ensure that only the latest developments in the series are discussed so as to keep an active participation and reduce spam.

5. If I see one or more of this rules being broken, posts will be deleted.
5.a. I have a patience limit. If someone breaks the rules repetitively, I'll ban him/her.

Just follow the above comments, and I'll be a happy mod ^^


P.S: I reserve the right to modify the mentioned rules or add more to make sure this runs properly.

Red Franken-Mod fighting spam!

Sun Mar 28, 2010 11:20 am
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